We are grateful to the dedication of these organizations:


  • Backbone Campaign A Washington based progressive movement-building organization promoting creative strategic action to deliver power to ‘We the People’. backbonecampaign.org
  • Citizens of the Ebey’s Reserve (COER) Whidbey Island activists working to protect the health and welfare of the inhabitants of the region, including the marine, migratory and endangered species, and to preserve the historic northwest communities being threatened by military jet training flights. citizensofebeysreserve.com
  • Citizens Harmed by Disclosure Deception  A Whidbey Island-based site providing local residents information about a class-action lawsuit filed to recover portions of loss for property value. disclosuredeception.wordpress.com
  • Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (FSEEE) Working nationally with a mission is to protect national forests and to reform the U.S. Forest Service by advocating environmental ethics, educating citizens, and defending whistleblowers. fseee.org
  • Healthy Forests A broad grassroots coalition that supports the need for active, sustainable forest management to provide stable county revenues and more jobs for our rural communities.  We support balanced policies that promote rural economic opportunity while also maintaining the many benefits we have come to expect from our forests, including recreation and diverse wildlife populations. healthyforests.org
  • More Than Just Parks A visually stunning artistic project bringing greater awareness of the treasures that reside within America’s National Parks. Film clip on HOME Page credit to MTJP.  morethanjustparks.com
  • Olympic Peninsula Environmental News An Olympic Peninsula-based news source covering all manner of environmental news, opinion, events, and links to groups doing work on the Peninsula (use search: Navy). olyopen.com
  • Peaceful Skies Coalition Working nationally to share information and unite communities fighting noise pollution and military expansion. peacefulskies.org
  • Quiet Skies A San Juan County-based group concerned with the increase of noise in our skies due to the placement of EA-18G Growler jets at Naval Air Station Whidbey, working toward the reduction of noise due to fly-overs of San Juan County, carrier approach control training, and other jet operations. quietskies.info
  • Save The Olympic Peninsula (STOP) A Washington-based group of activists working to unite voices through public meetings and organized action. Based in Clallam County. savetheolympicpeninsula.org
  • The Agriculture Defense Coalition A California-based group that aggregates Navy EIS reports and provides environmental alerts. agriculturedefensecoalition.org 
  • Washington Environmental Protection Coalition A Washington-based website providing maps, charts and scientific analysis.  washingtonenvironmentalprotectioncoalition.org
  • West Coast Action Alliance A Washington-based alliance working to unite groups from Canada to California and to challenge the conversion into a Naval Electronic Warfare Range, of lands in National Forests, the airspace over communities, National Parks, and surrounding waters. westcoastactionalliance.org
  • Veterans for Peace A global organization of Military Veterans and allies whose collective efforts are to build a culture of peace by using our experiences and lifting our voices. veteransforpeace.org






“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.”

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